Asus Xonar D2 or something else?

Hello everyone!

One simple question. I'm quite of an audiofile, with too little money :) . So, I collected some money and I'm going to buy something, at first, I thought it was good to buy speakers at first, and then a sound card (of course, I don't have enough money to build a whole hi-fi system). But now I have a great offer for a sound card, Asus Xonar D2, just under 90$. So I thought, I'll buy the card now, and the speakers in a couple of months. For now, I'm using Sennheiser hd435.

Is this a good buy, or should I buy an other card, up to 90-95$ let's say?

Any suggestions are welcome.

Btw, I am a gamer also, but gaming sound is far less important then music.

Hope I was clear, anything fuzzy I would glady clarify it. :hello:
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  1. Its a great deal.. Don't give it a miss..
  2. Thanks dude, thought so. What's the equivalent Creative sound card, do you know?
  3. At that pricing, NONE.. Otherwise, I guess the X-Fi Xtreme Gamer Titanium Fatality Pro would be the equivalent version from creative..
  4. Thanks again, the reservation has been confirmed! It really is a bargain.

  5. D2 at $90? Thats a steal, as the lesser DX retails for that price. Heck, thats 50% off the D2's normal $179 price...

    Basically, at the D2's level, the only competition is the ASUS STX Essence, HT Omega Claro, and the Auzentech Prelude/Forte. [Nothing Creative has, Titanium included, is as good as either of these cards].

    Frankly, you're getting a steal.
  6. Update!!!

    I've bought D2, and I'm amazed how it sounds! BUT!

    The sailsman told me that he could order Xonar HDAV 1.3 deluxe for 50$!!! Is it worth it? :D

    It's very weird, but, what do I do, now that I bought the D2? I need your help people, do I try and sell this one? What is hdav 1.3 used for?
  7. Where are you getting the cards from..!! Is your dealer genuine..?? The prices lead to suspicion though am mostly amazed.. Anyway, stick with the D2.. Its more of an all-round package.. The HDAV is probably the best desktop sound card for using in a HTPC build up involving blu-ray media.. However, as per many reviews its still not complete and has several issues waiting to be fixed..
  8. I'm in Serbia, and the cards look genuine, I've already registered it at ASUS website. And the dealer is genuine for sure, the biggest retailer in Serbia, and has a small shop for enthusiast and I'm a vip member there so I here of these hot deals early. There are often just several cards at this price and they are reserved in a few hours. I guess they are pretty old, haven't been sold in time and are imported from abroad. For example, on the box of the d2 there is 2007 written, so I guess a dealer just wants to get rid of them somehow.

    Anyway, I would probably use the card for hq audio and mkv and blue ray videos, at first with my headphones (I broke them last night grrrrr), and then as stereo. Hopefully, I would get to 5.1 sometime next year, and get a HD TV late next year or in 2012.

    So, any opinions are welcome :)
  9. Blue ray is all surround sound so if you are addicted to it, better get a 5.1 speaker set sooner than later.. Meanwhile, the D2 is a keeper no matter what setup you employ now..
  10. D2 should be prime! It's technically a bit better than my AuzenTech Bravura 7.1 and I love this card... 100 times better than mobo sound quality. If you're looking for decent cheap speakers, I got the Logitech X540s and they sound very good. I'm also using some older Altec Lansing 2.1s as L/R channel so I have full 7.1+1 surround.

    Of course, there's a lot better speaker systems out there but bang for your buck those X540s are really good. Costs more than double for the Z5500s :S
  11. I'm probbably going to go for some stereo speakers, maybe invest in an amp. And for the z5500 are way to expensive, from about 350$ went to over 500$ now. I know they're great for movies, x540 too, but I've got some sony speakers 2x60W and I'm using them now, going to buy a sub, then a few speakers more...
  12. Take a look at the Audioengine A5's..
  13. It was a misunderstanding, the employee showed me a picture of HDAV 1.3 deluxe, but he ment SLIM, so I'm staying with D2.

    Thanks everyone,
    Thread resolved!
  14. itd be much better to invest in a home cinema receiver and then 6 speakers.
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