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Asus Xonar D2 or something else?

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June 13, 2010 7:47:53 PM

Hello everyone!

One simple question. I'm quite of an audiofile, with too little money :)  . So, I collected some money and I'm going to buy something, at first, I thought it was good to buy speakers at first, and then a sound card (of course, I don't have enough money to build a whole hi-fi system). But now I have a great offer for a sound card, Asus Xonar D2, just under 90$. So I thought, I'll buy the card now, and the speakers in a couple of months. For now, I'm using Sennheiser hd435.

Is this a good buy, or should I buy an other card, up to 90-95$ let's say?

Any suggestions are welcome.

Btw, I am a gamer also, but gaming sound is far less important then music.

Hope I was clear, anything fuzzy I would glady clarify it. :hello: 

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a b Ĉ ASUS
June 13, 2010 8:44:14 PM

Its a great deal.. Don't give it a miss..
June 13, 2010 9:03:26 PM

Thanks dude, thought so. What's the equivalent Creative sound card, do you know?
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a b Ĉ ASUS
June 13, 2010 9:16:26 PM

At that pricing, NONE.. Otherwise, I guess the X-Fi Xtreme Gamer Titanium Fatality Pro would be the equivalent version from creative..
June 13, 2010 9:39:22 PM

Thanks again, the reservation has been confirmed! It really is a bargain.

a b Ĉ ASUS
June 14, 2010 2:18:33 AM

D2 at $90? Thats a steal, as the lesser DX retails for that price. Heck, thats 50% off the D2's normal $179 price...

Basically, at the D2's level, the only competition is the ASUS STX Essence, HT Omega Claro, and the Auzentech Prelude/Forte. [Nothing Creative has, Titanium included, is as good as either of these cards].

Frankly, you're getting a steal.
June 16, 2010 7:11:18 PM


I've bought D2, and I'm amazed how it sounds! BUT!

The sailsman told me that he could order Xonar HDAV 1.3 deluxe for 50$!!! Is it worth it? :D 

It's very weird, but, what do I do, now that I bought the D2? I need your help people, do I try and sell this one? What is hdav 1.3 used for?
a b Ĉ ASUS
June 16, 2010 8:22:02 PM

Where are you getting the cards from..!! Is your dealer genuine..?? The prices lead to suspicion though am mostly amazed.. Anyway, stick with the D2.. Its more of an all-round package.. The HDAV is probably the best desktop sound card for using in a HTPC build up involving blu-ray media.. However, as per many reviews its still not complete and has several issues waiting to be fixed..
June 16, 2010 9:03:31 PM

I'm in Serbia, and the cards look genuine, I've already registered it at ASUS website. And the dealer is genuine for sure, the biggest retailer in Serbia, and has a small shop for enthusiast and I'm a vip member there so I here of these hot deals early. There are often just several cards at this price and they are reserved in a few hours. I guess they are pretty old, haven't been sold in time and are imported from abroad. For example, on the box of the d2 there is 2007 written, so I guess a dealer just wants to get rid of them somehow.

Anyway, I would probably use the card for hq audio and mkv and blue ray videos, at first with my headphones (I broke them last night grrrrr), and then as stereo. Hopefully, I would get to 5.1 sometime next year, and get a HD TV late next year or in 2012.

So, any opinions are welcome :) 
a b Ĉ ASUS
June 16, 2010 9:22:23 PM

Blue ray is all surround sound so if you are addicted to it, better get a 5.1 speaker set sooner than later.. Meanwhile, the D2 is a keeper no matter what setup you employ now..
June 16, 2010 10:43:23 PM

D2 should be prime! It's technically a bit better than my AuzenTech Bravura 7.1 and I love this card... 100 times better than mobo sound quality. If you're looking for decent cheap speakers, I got the Logitech X540s and they sound very good. I'm also using some older Altec Lansing 2.1s as L/R channel so I have full 7.1+1 surround.

Of course, there's a lot better speaker systems out there but bang for your buck those X540s are really good. Costs more than double for the Z5500s :S
June 16, 2010 10:58:09 PM

I'm probbably going to go for some stereo speakers, maybe invest in an amp. And for the z5500 are way to expensive, from about 350$ went to over 500$ now. I know they're great for movies, x540 too, but I've got some sony speakers 2x60W and I'm using them now, going to buy a sub, then a few speakers more...
a b Ĉ ASUS
June 16, 2010 11:20:33 PM

Take a look at the Audioengine A5's..
June 17, 2010 3:49:36 PM

It was a misunderstanding, the employee showed me a picture of HDAV 1.3 deluxe, but he ment SLIM, so I'm staying with D2.

Thanks everyone,
Thread resolved!
June 19, 2010 7:21:01 PM

itd be much better to invest in a home cinema receiver and then 6 speakers.