Are my temps OK for gaming?

Hi guys. First time using HW Monitor. I'm not sure whether my temps are OK. The motherboard temps seem fine. But the AMD A10 temps seem a bit high. I am using the Corsair H60 cooling system. What do you think?

I should mention that under the Value column the AMD A10 temp usually hang around 55s when doing simple things like web browsing or starting up software.

Another unrelated question: Should I set up the fan on the radiator as In-take or exhaust? I only have 4 fans in my case - 2 side fans, 1 front, 1 rear. They are all in-takes, so would it be ok to set the radiator fan as exhaust? Does that somehow affect the cooling of the radiator? Thanks!
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  1. Yes, the temps look ok
  2. sounds good
  3. Temps look fine.

    The fans: Change the rear fan to an exhaust. Typically you want the front fans (because they are lower) to be intake and any that are higher (usually on top or rear of the case) to be exhaust since hot air rises. But as long as you have a smooth air flow (good cable management) then your good. Right now you don't since they are all intake the air is colliding in the middle. Make that one change and your good.
  4. Thanks for the quick response guys. For future reference, should I be looking at the temps under the Motherboard or AMD A10?
  5. look at cpu temps, mobo temps are not as important
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