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I am looking for a mid range laptop computer that I can design graphics using various programs. I design posters with mixed photos and graphics. From what I understand I need a dedicated video card. I don't want to be tied to a desk and I don't want a Mac.
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  1. If you are not gaming and just looking at graphics design, really anything other than the integrated graphics would be fine. I would make sure you have a decent amount of RAM, a 64-bit OS, a higher resolution display, and enough disk space to suit your needs.

    The below link actually looks like a sweet deal. I'd buy it. You take the base model and upgrade to the 500GB drive +$50, upgrade to 4GB RAM free, and enter the coupon code. $900 for that is a good deal. It has an Nvidia 320M for your graphics and an i7 mobile chip. For $9 I'd also get the factory recovery disks, it's always a safe play in case you ever have to reload.
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