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Amd 8350 fx

okay, sorry if this is brought up again but i cant find info to my problem. first, when i installed my 8350 fx, i set the bios to turbo and got a 4.349 ghz. i want to push it a little more so i did what i have read on and put bios back to normal but iam still at 4.349 ghz. i am still confused about the voltage and multiplier settings so i ran the amd overdrive and it went as high as 6.1ghz ( not making this up ) until it said to restart. i restarted my pc and it went back to 4.349 ghz. should i go into bios and just click the default button and try again? all 8 cores are showing the same speed in the overdrive software and it is showing the same thing in my bios. here is what i am running.

fx 8350 black edition
sabertooth 990 fx motherboard
32 gig of corsair vengence ram
windows 8 64 bit
cooled with a corsair hi80 cpu cooler

i was able to get a nice increase by manually adjusting the multiplier and voltage through the overdrive software and i ran the stability test and i was stable at 5.2 ghz, but again, when i rebooted it went back to 4.349 ghz.

be patient with me lol,
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    don't use overdrive or any software to overclock, only use the bios, go back to default and start again raising your multiplier and testing for stability and only when you need to slowly start to bump the voltage up but do this always from bios, don't waste your time using software
  2. hi keizz, i am sorry but i do not see the multipler option in my bios.
  3. I dont own that board, but it could also be CPU ratio or something similiar
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