Conservative OC - Working out pretty well

Hey guys,

Just figured I'd share my results on doing some very minor OC'ing. This is my first time ever trying to overclock, so guidance/suggestion is welcome.

My System:
Intel i5 -3570k
Asrock z77 extreme 4
Sapphire 7870 XT 2GB
Samsung 30nm 1600 DIMM 11-11-11-28 (stock)

I basically didn't do much, but the results are fairly decent.

I overclocked the CPU to 4.2GHz without touching the bus or the voltage. I'm running 1.216 currently at 4200MHz. In OCCT (only been running for 15min) my current CPU temp is 38.

I overclocked the RAM to 1866 9-10-9-24 Timings. Everything seems stable to this point

The GPU I overclocked from 975/1500 to 1180/1675. I started hitting some instability at 1200/1700, on test 2 in 3DMark I was getting flashing red boxes. I dialed it back a bit and it fixed it pretty well.

I pushed my 3DMark scores a bit by doing these things.
Initial: 3DMark:7419, Graphics:8047, Physics:6016, Combined:6011
End: 3DMark: 8560, Graphics:8581, Physics:8581, Combined:8379

Seems it worked out fairly decent thus far. I'm not trying to push the machine real hard, I just wanted a little "boost" in performance. Seems I got it with about 30 minutes investment.
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  1. @ nearly an hour of OCCT, and CPU temp stable at 38 degrees. Seems this is working out fairly well, indeed.
  2. Just noticed on OCCT that each "Core" has a different temp when compared to the overall CPU. Looks like each core is high 50s, max is 59 atm. Would someone care to explain which to pay attention to, and why each core has a different temp as compared to the cpu as a whole (significant as 38 -59 is a jump). Thanks
  3. Something wrong with DirectX 10, so 3D results not showing.
  4. @belial88

    PSU is Seasonic G Series

    Haven't tried back clocking the GPU to see if it makes a difference. Also, having a hard time finding drivers/DirectX 10 from a reputable site. I'll keep looking.

    Yes, it is the "famed" samsung RAM.

    Curious about the VRAM temp diode, and how I'd go about doing that. Tried a google search, and all I get is "I did this now what", not "how do I do this".

    I'm air cooling with the evo 212.

    In the end, it seems like you're giving me a recipe to overclock this PC further than I have interest in doing. I really didn't intend to overvolt anything. As I'm a rookie, I'd hate to break something on my new PC (not to mention my wife would probably murder me).
  5. Ok, set EVERYTHING back to default. Tried reinstalling directx (gave me some kind of error message saying it was already installed to the latest version). Reinstalled Video Driver. OCCT and Performance Test having problems with directx10. OCCT shows 65000 errors in 10 seconds. Directx9 (simple and complex), and Directx11 working fine.

    Further Suggestions?
  6. Well.. may have found the issue. 128 updates for windows. I'm new to windows 7, XP always yelled at me to update. We'll see if that fixes the issue.

    Windows experience index gives me max score for GPU. It seems to go through directx10 processes, and doesn't seem to have an issue.
  7. Yep, problem solved. Guess I can go back to overclocking. Strange that I have auto-updates selected, but it didn't "auto" update. O'well.. lesson learned
  8. @ Belial

    I told you the model, it's a "G series". I have 550w, it's a solid PSU. I did fairly extensive research on this particular part of my pc. I have no intention of crossfire, so 550 is ample for me.


    For the overclocking. Obviously I'm not going to delid, a bit more than I willing to do. That said, I'll look into toying with things a bit more. Most of what I've read is 4.4 is a solid OC for 24/7, and really I didn't do anything but adjust the multiplier. Can I question you about the "bus" on the CPU? It gets lost in google, as "bus" has a lot of meanings. Should that stay at 100? What happens when you change it? How do you know if your voltage isn't enough? I would assume that stress programs would cause instability without enough voltage at higher clock speeds. Voltage increases temp, and temps should be less than 70 optimally. That's how I have been understanding this all. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    It seems some people are hitting 2400MHz on the ram i have. I have no intention of that. I figured I could play and maybe get to 2k, seems 1866 is rock solid, and my ram tests have shown gains.

    As far as the auto-updates. I have to say I tried manually doing everything (I did download all my drivers from their respective sites), but it seems I was unable to find the solution on my own. The windows update fixed my issue, so I'm not going to concern myself with it. Not letting windows update itself seems like a bad idea to me.
  9. FYI: I downloaded all the drivers I could from the respective companies: GPU, LAN, USB, Audio, Chipset, mouse, keyboard, printer. I did this by going to their websites and loading them onto a USB drive. They were the first things I installed after windows was booted.

    I went and looked at the windows update history, and it's all security and windows 7 updates. Not a single driver update was noted. I have since gone and disabled driver updates, but as of now, none have been updated via windows. So, it seems, there's a miss-communication here.

    Anyway, I appreciate the information. You seem pretty hardcore, and that's cool. I'll refer to this post later in life when I'm ready to undertake some of the things you're mentioning here. To me, it's like a mechanic telling you it's easy to mod out your brand new Porsche by changing the timings on your pistons. While, that might be the case, I don't have the interest it requires. I am, however, happy to use premium gasoline (while maybe a poor analogy, it makes sense to me).

    Thanks for the info.
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