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Small office network, just moved into a new building. Trying to connect a laptop to the network to use shared resources. Machine is running XP, Workgroup name is the same (has been checked several times) and no other computers show up in My Network Places. Can connect to the internet just fine, can also connect to computers on the network if the path is entered manually. I need however to connect to a shared printer on another computer and if it cannot locate the computer on the network I'm not sure how to connect to the shared printer :sweat:
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  1. Have you turned Windows (and any other) firewall off ?
  2. A temporary fix would be to add the remote printer to the PC. Even though you can't see the PCs in network places, you should be able to do this (assuming you can ping the machine).

    Check out this link:
  3. question is the subnet the same? if you have the same workgroup but not the same subnet if you have static ip's thats prbly your problem. how you would check this is go to your network connections page then right click properties the proper adaptor. open up internet protocol and see what your subnet is on your machine and then check one of the other pcs on the network.
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