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Hello everyone,
I hope you can point me in the right direction. I am looking for a PC case (Full tower) that has as many free external 5.25 drivebays as possible. I need a good size power supply too. The last thing is that I don't want it too gamey looking as it is for business use. Also does anyone know a good PC building company that could take the case and build a lowish spec machine. We add our own hardware in to the PC case hence the need for a lot of room. If you want to know what we do our website is www.tts-ltd.co.uk. Thanks for your help
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  1. Any word on the budget.? Take a look at the cooler master ATCS 840 and the corsair obsidian 800D.. I think the cooler master cosmos s should fit your requirements but you may find the look too flamboyant..
  2. i think a corsair obsidian 800d-but its expensive :P
  3. I think the 700D is better suited for your needs

  4. holy cow! i didnt onw that had another case-finally!
    it has 5 bays of the kind u want.
    so does the 800d.
  5. This is a good full tower case with 6 bays, and its a good deal cheaper than the Corsair:

    Also guys note that the website he linked to is in the UK so I'm guessing that he is as well.
  6. Thanks very much for all your help. Budget is open as the rest of the spec is quite low, no need for huge horsepower in either the processor or graphics. I am happy to spend to get the right looking case. That ATCS 840 looks good. We also have to bolt a large box to the side full of connections and that case looks to have the space as there is no side fan. I'll give overclockers uk a ring. Thanks everyone.
  7. for that kind of money (ATCS 840) I would sooner be looking at antec's cases. very well performing cases, which do not look like they are showing off. very elegant cases.

    I would look at the p180 series:

    Very good cooling capability and very silent. 3 layered side panels so it really dampens sound.
  8. the p180 only has 4 bays. the op wants as many as possible. the atcs 840 has 6, which is quite a lot!
  9. true... why do you actually need so many for a business purpose?
  10. oh and if the op wants a good psu he should get a corsair 950, so he has enough connections for 6 cd drives and 4 hard drives...
  11. god point :)
  12. The reason for so many is that we make a control box that sits in a 5.25 drive bay. The control box moves hydraulic actuators in either load or displacement feedback. It is in essence a PID controller with amplifiers. The actuators are a much quicker responding (and vastly more expensive!) type that you see on diggers etc. With our controllers we can move them to within 1/100mm or +/-2N. They are used for testing cars,planes anything that needs loading or moving. We can get two channels (ie move two hydraulic actuators) in one 5.25 bay. We currently have the need for 8 channels of control so 4 empty drive bays. By the time we have added DVD drive and possible analog in cards we don't have much room left.
  13. Our website is as posted at the top www.tts-ltd.co.uk. Thank you for all your responses they have been of great help.
  14. Have a look at our website for a few more details if you are interested. I admit we need a better picture of it!
  15. oddly interesting-but totally friggin bizarre
  16. i know sharkoon makes a few cheap cases with loads of 5.25 inch drive bays. and by loads I mean the entire front is full of them.. im talking about 9 or so..


    or 12:

    or just the page with all their choices.

    I actually built a server into a rebel9 economy, and it was quite a pleasant case to work with. good build quality for the price too.
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