How can I refill my reservoir?

Hello everyone,

My brother has a water cooling system in his computer, and yesterday he received a "CPU fan error" message. The CPU is running at a higher temperature, so I'm guessing that the coolant needs to be refilled, since the cooling system has never been maintained (the computer was purchased a year and a half ago). I've built over a dozen PCs in my life, but I have never worked with a water cooling system before, and I have no idea what I'm doing. I've read through several maintenance guides, but I'm still baffled.

It appears as if the reservoir is attached to the radiator, but there is no way to open the reservoir to drain the coolant. Also, the tubes are attached with clamps that cannot be removed. Is it possible that the water cooling system was made so that the coolant cannot be replaced? Here are some pictures of the system:

Radiator and reservoir

Tubes from radiator/reservoir

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  1. hi,

    It looks like a AIO (All In One) watercooler, these coolers generally don't require any maintenance and are closed meaning you can't refill them, well I don't know of a way, maybe someone else does.
  2. Closed loop coolers (if this is one) do not require coolant or maintenance. Also the CPU fan error is a BIOS message meaning that the CPU fan header does not detect a fan and can actually be turned off.

    What temperatures is it running at now vs. before? Idle/load? It likely (I'm 97% sure) that it has nothing to do with coolant level (unless there have been signs of leaks) but either pump failure or an airlock...but also could have been due to dirt/debris clogging the radiator (if it was dirty).

    Can you confirm what the pump looks like? The radiator looks just like a closed loop cooler like an H50/H60, but the pump I'm not sure of...I can partially see it in the background and would also look to be a closed loop cooler pump.
  3. After further research, this is definitely a closed loop AIO cooler. I cleaned the dust from the radiator, but I am still getting a CPU fan error. Both fans are spinning properly, but it seems as if the coolant is stuck in the reservoir, as the reservoir feels cold after running the pc, but the tubes are hot. The processor was running at such a high temp (around 60 Celsius) that the pc shut itself down.

    Some new information: My brother said that he was woken up in the middle of the night by a loud noise from the inside of the computer. He restarted the computer, and this is when the "CPU fan error" message began appearing. Is the cooling system kaput?
  4. This sounds like Internal Pump Failure
    As the internal Pump is connected to the CPU fan header, and the Mobo is not detecting any RPM signal from the pump meaning it has failed.

    Chuck it out and buy a new one
  5. Could either be a flow issue inside the reservoir or a pump failure, either way, its an AIO cooler, so you cant (well, shouldnt) open it to find out or fix it.
    Considering its a year and a half old you should be able to RMA it.
  6. Thank you all for your advice. The computer and its parts are still covered under warranty, so I should be able to RMA the cooling system.
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