$1000-1200 PC for an aussie

hi, im looking at getting a new build to replace my old P4, geforce 6200 system as its starting to struggle with the smallest of things:


SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming, Cad work and various other engineering programs, music editing , surfing the net, documentation

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: starting from scratch, as ill keep my old pc for the rest of the family

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: as i live in Australia (gold coast, QLD) - www.msy.com.au but im totally open to a better priced trustworthy site.

PARTS PREFERENCES: processor - Intel (possibly i5 750)


MONITOR RESOLUTION: what ever accomodates the build, but no lower than 20"

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: As stated above id like it to play games well (BFBC2, wow, SC2) and be relatively future proof (ive had my P4 build for 5 years now and its held well) so if i can get a few years outter it ill be very happy.

At the moment i like the look of MSY's intel pro 2 system, but would indeed need to upgrade things like the ram and GPU, but im totally open to full custom builds and other internet sites.

thank you in advance
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  1. Hmm looking at the PDF pricelist at msy.com for that pricerange:

    PhenomII X4 925 $165
    Gigabyte 770TA mobo $114
    2 x 2 Kingston DDR3 1333 $124
    Lian Li K58 $98
    Seasonic M12II 520 80+ Bronze certified $115
    Lite On DVDRW SATA $30
    Seagate 500 7200.12 $55
    HIS HD 5850 $362
    Asus VH232T 23" LCD $209
  2. thanks for the reply, im not really keen on AMD, ive had really good experiences with intel. Itd be good if you could explain any advantages the AMD CPU you listed there would hold over an intel i6-750 for instance with repsect to gaming and cad/design software

    once again thanks
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