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I have no sound coming out of my speakers, i go to my control panel and i see my speakers are not plugged in... However they are tho... I look under Device manager and i see "creative x-fi audio processor (WDM)" with a yellow triangle next to it. Now all i did was restart my computer for this problem to arise i did have sound before the restart. Now i don't... its weird this card is a pain in the ass and none of the drivers seem to work since vista. I even downloaded the X64bit drive for win 7 and it said i need to upgrade to win 7, which is weird because im holding the OEM 64bit cd in my hand and scratching me head. BTW i uninstalled and reinstalled.... I remove the drives from device Manager, and on top of that i let windows try to find the drive and nothing at all.. im getting frustrated with this card. I think a reformat would solve it but i dont want to unless i have to... any help fromt he gurus would greatly help TY all
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  1. Driver for vista/7/xp

    Auto update program on the bottom of this page:

    Make sure onboard audio is STILL disabled/off

    Try putting the card into a different slot and booting to windows and see if it detects the card then, and then put the card back into the original slot.. As I had to do this with a defected soundblaster awhile back before I RMA'd it.

    You can try a system restore, as adding the driver probably created a restore point. (before you ever rebooted I would think)

    Also, try installing only the features that you need and not the ones you'll never use. Or install them in a different order. Even though that makes no sense, thats what I had to do to get my fatal1ty champion to work.

    Theres alot of complaints on creative right now, because of these things
  2. I have uninstalled all the Creative Junk and i am only installing the Driver and PID_W7PCAPP_US_2_11_01.exe,,, btw when i install that it says i need to upgrade to windows 7 and im like..... wtf? Yeah it was dumb with vista i didnt have a console launcher at all its so stupid. Im about to use the Gigabyte on board audio...
  3. Just install the autoupdate and let it go through its long process.

    I had the same problem with a file that said I needed to upgrade to windows 7, WHILE I was on windows 7. Sounds like you're seeing the same thing on the same or similar install file. I ended up uninstalling every file that I had downloaded.. and then installing ONLY the driver and the autoupdate. After that I let the autoupdate do -everything- else.

    Also, some programs play through 3.5mm jacks even if I have optical out as default. So there are still driver issues there. Ended up having to buy appropriate wiring to use the 4 3.5mm jacks into a receiver.

    Hope my problems and fixes help you with your similar situation.
  4. ok so get this i fixed this problem by uninstalling every file in my add/remove program folder.... And i took the Original CD that came with the Card from 2007 and installed the CD Not the media Source. The installation froze my computer when it was 68% done and was installing Media Samples.. So i restarted my computer... and Bing sound. I didnt update any drivers and i dont think i will... WHAT A PAIN IN THE ASS! Jesus... that retarded is Creative for not properly supporting their consumers who buy their products for a card thats 70+ dollars... anyways GL i hope this thread helps others too.
  5. Only real option is to use a program like Driver Sweeper to kill everything Creative; still, this is exactly why I will NEVER recommend Creative products...
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