How many of each kinds of expansion slot will I need?

I'm trying to build a low cost, fairly upgradable system. Problem is, I keep getting hung up on the motherboard. I want all these extra PCI Express connectors, but to be honest, I probably won't need them.

Farther down the line I would like to upgrade to a GTX 460, or its newest equivalent. Since it will be an AMD system, SLI is out of the picture, but It doesn't matter because I can't see myself doing something like that. Although I can see myself adding a PhysX card, but I'm not sure.

I could probably get away with a x16 slot and a x1 slot, but a second x16 slot running at x4, or another x1 slot would be nice.

So could anybody tell me what I should look for, and any suggestions on Sub $100-$105 motherboards? I could deal with mATX, but I prefer ATX.
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  1. Currently, the best sub $100 board to meet future growth & expansion is the ASRock 870 Extreme3. I would look at that board based on what you list for your needs.

    Unfortunately, there is no good SLI options at that price range to allow for future growth... IMO. There are a few Nvidia 750a boards under $100 but all lack USB 3.0 & SATA III native support, so expansion cards would be needed.
  2. I need IGP, to keep cost down. Preferably 880G
  3. When you get to the 880G stage, your price starts to get closer to $110 on boards worth the cost (IMO). Here are five boards I would recommend: Newegg 880G Comparison
  4. The ASRock board appeals to me the most, but I don't know because it is lacking on the warranty side. I will probably go with one of the ASUS boards. But how long of a warranty will I need on a motherboard?
  5. As for warranties, it is nice to have longer or "life-time" but if the component works without issues for a year, it typically will work just fine for years to come. Most issues with a component are seen within the first year of usage.
  6. Okay, Cool. How well do they overclock?
    Oh, and what is the Power Phase? (if that is what it is called, I don't remember.)
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