I7 860 vs i7 920?

Hi guys,

I'm about to buy my new computer, and the CPU was choosen to be a 920, since I'm doing some video editing and Photoshop work, etc.
By coincidence I saw some tests and reviews of the 860, and it seem like a far more potent CPU than the 920 - BUT on another socket...

Now I have a few questions regarding just that:

- Are they both OC friendly with the right cooling?
- What consequences will it have, to choose one CPU (and socket) over the other?
- Should I actually just wait and see what Phenom X6 will bring? :-)

Triple CF/SLi and whatnot ain't gonna happen for me. I'm prolly buying a 5770, and when that gets too slow I'll make em CF - thats my plan for now atleast!
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  1. For some video editing and CS4 you don't really need a very expensive CPU unless you care about finishing your video editing in, say, 40 minutes instead of 50 (compared to i5/Phenom II X4). But if you have that kind of noney, wait for the Thuban, if anything it will make Intel reconsider their prices.
  2. ^+1....

    1) Both CPU's are overclock friendly with the right cooler. I would look at the i7 930 over the i7 920 now, as is it's replacement. Both can hit 4.0 Ghz or higher with good air cooler.

    i7 930:
    Pro: Triple-Channel Memory (more bandwidth which benefits your apps), Upgradable to Hex-Cores ([980X now & 970 Q3], which will make a big difference for your apps.
    Con: Cost increase over the i7 860 platform out weighs the little to no performance increase.

    i7 860:
    Pro: Equal performance on a cheaper platform. Runs cooler and requires less power than i7 930.
    Con: No upgrade path to newer hex-cores planned.

    These are just a few general Pro's & Con's

    3) Thuban (Phenom II X6) is worth the wait, if you can wait. Early price points I've seen has it coming in at the price range of the i7 930 but with 2 more cores. Performance depends on who you listen too. I've seen it will equal the current quad i7's & I've seen they will be inbetween the i7's and the Hex-cores. It will make for interesting times but I think the status will go back to where it was prior to the release of i5/i7's... Intel the performance/enthusiast king and AMD the mainstream/budget king.
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