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camara wont work need drivers. have xp pro.
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  1. I have XP Pro and don't use the USB cord to download like "normal" people do, so I don't need drivers.
    I just plug the camera card into my card reader, so I can copy the pictures.
    On my old computer with no card reader, I just plug the usb cord in and still don't use the drivers or software, by using Windows Explorer to download them (advanced, not recommended it says--but it's easy [just ask]).
  2. skip_89 said:
    camara wont work need drivers. have xp pro.
  3. [#0005ffHello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums, Inzar Gul, but it's not a good start to raise old threads which at over ninety days without a post, we regard as dead. I'm closing this one now but please only post into more recent threads in future. [/#0005ff]
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