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Hello, I am trying to upgrade my system. I have an ASUS M4A78T-E System board, an AMD Phenom 955 processor, 2X2GB PNY 1333 memory = 4GB total, a Diamond MM 5750 1GB graphics card, a Kingston 64GB SSD drive as the primary and a Seagate Momentus XT Hybrid 500GB drive, and W7 Pro 32 bit. Initially one of the PNY modules was defective which created a lot of issues. Resolved by replacing. The PNY memory is not on the ASUS approved list but I thought PNY should be a reliable brand. Reinstalled W7 due to the original installation was whacked up from the erratic memory results. The system is still unreliable - blue screens, complete halts and other unexplained errors. I've applied all the updates I know and can find. I've been working with PCs for 30 yrs and I don't remember having this many problems with a new system before. I am beginning to wonder if my components are not compatible with each other but don't know that to be the case. MB & CPU running about 102-104 degs F. I have the CPU fan that was in the AMD Black Box, a 120mm rear case fan (exhaust) and an 80mm front case fan (intake). Any recommendations would be welcomed. I am bewildered at this point.
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  1. Latest bios?
    Run memtest -> 6hours
    Power supply?

    What happens if you only use the onboard graphics?
  2. Hello,

    Thanks to all that responded. I went back to my "friends" at CompUSA and they tested the new PC. All the components were from CUSA. The PNY memory was not compatible - failed testing over and over. Neither was Patriot, Corsair, OCZ, or Centon. They kept trying until they found that Ultra memory passed the testing and was stable in the PC. It has been running fine since the memory swap. They accepted the PNY memory in an exchange for the Ultra memory that worked.

    Thanks again.

    Rick Holder
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