CPU fan method

I installed my second fan to my cpu heat sink
Both of which fans are pulling

All I've read with two fan setup is push/pull

Should I rearrange it and why?
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    Yes, you should rearrange your setup to Push/Pull, here's why. The concept behind the HSF is that the air is expelled from the heat sink efficiently, fans working against each other (as in pull/pull or push/push) are not as effective in removing the heated air as two fans working in conjuction (shared workload vs two single workloads) sharing is just going to be more effective.
    Hope it helps
  2. Sounds good so what I'll do then since I have a top case fan

    Is funnel the bottom cpu fan upwards aswell as the top of the CPU fan
    Then the case fan will grab all that air and take it out, thanks
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