HDD is not working properly


Months Before I got this replaced HDD and now for some days it goes itself while working
Its my second HDD, I use it as my store in computer, I used to change its Sata cables (cables are also old)
currently when I reattach the HDD cables, it works fine
But when it goes off then my PC also jams .. as its kinda store for me and I access my data from it so computer hangs
last night I was working with my s/w and as my work directly goes in this second HDD, my computer hanged and I found its not showing my HDD
I reattached its cables and did scan in device manager then it found the HDD and I could work properly.
I don't know what the problem this is
I recently scanned my computer from malware bytes in networking mode and now its not showing any threat

One thing more I want to know what are these "recycler", "002a0d95e0d745865a" and $recycle folders

I deletes them and finds again if they are virus then no s/w telling it is
system working fine, currently my second HDD to working fine and fast
But don't know what happens after some time.

It lefts me guessing that what change I need. I already spent money on good Cabinet and PSU for better performance and cooling (not using this time) guessing as its heating up so giving problem

Long description done :pfff: I hope someone can understand what happening :ouch:

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  1. try disabling all power saving features, it sounds like the comp is trying to put the HD to sleep and its having issues with that. it could be a bad drive but give it a shot.

    the folders are your dump files and the recycle bin contents. both are normal to have there and the recycle is required.
  2. thanks
    I done that some setting were on power saving mode so I did never for all
    it was a long waited reply, actually before I have lost my HDD as first it got slow and after that I couldn't access that
    and then HDD dead and I got this drive as a replacement , I feel HDD are getting too hot so I arranged a good chassis for that to see if it helps
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    well data backup is the key, i will agree with your idea about cooling. while at bestbuy i would see WD green HD's go out the door and with in a week back at my bench clickin up a storm and pissed off customers having lost all there data. we would see a good 20% of the WD green drives that we sold back into the store not long after purchase due to failure of some kind. I have been running 9 WD green drives from off the shelf at best buy for 2 and a half years now with out issue, they are in vibration dampening cases, dedicated fans with external vents, in a very heavy case that never moves, and hooked to a 1KW power supply that runs off a battery backup with AVR. if you treat drives right they will last you.
  4. thanks for your reply

    I would see for sometime if it will do problem again or not, these problems are unwanted and you never know when they will come
    HDD on which my window is installed working fine from 6 years but HDD I replaced that was only 2 year old and this replaced HDD is showing only disappearing problem
    and my computer hangs, just now I am thinking as you said about power settings
    and I did the same
    So why its not affecting my main HDD which has my all s/w and OS installed?

    looking to purchase a new external HDD.. I was waiting for some months if they will cut down the price
    as HDD prices were jumped high after the flood in Taiwan(I guess)
    still don't know if price will become low or not
  5. gogole the model of the hard drive some seagate drives had known firmware issues.
  6. one more thing I want to share, plz answer
    CHKDSK asking for checking HDD's specific partition or two of them, on start up after a long time interval (not regularly) currently and what I read is, bad cluster converted in a log file

    Is my HDD is going to dead?
  7. you are having bad sctors pop up. this is a bad thing and an increased occurrance of this is an indication of a failing drive. you can run programs such as spinrite to recondition HD's and repair bad sectors or sectors that are slow. you want to read out the smart data and see if the frequency of bad sectors is getting higher.
  8. thanks for your quick reply
    Actually I was thinking may be its cable problem as today I started PC but it didn't ask for check a volume on drive
    and once I was working, my PC hanged and I found second drive is not in my computer.
    Then I reattached the wire and scanned for hardware changes i got the HDD again
    and my s/w started to work again
    as I works in good drive and I saves file directly on this HDD(problem)
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