Need help choosing approriate processor and RAM

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Currently I have a 4 year old dell inspiron with intel core duo and 1gb of ram. Been thinking of upgrading to a new laptop. I use my laptop as a desktop replacement. Mainly I browse the web (always have multiple tabs open), play music via itunes and downlaod torrents via utorrent. Not uncommon to be doing all 3 at once.

I am looking at dells and wondering how much processing power and RAM I realistically need. I would consider myself a noob when understanding these aspects of buying a new computer. My main concerns are performance considering what I do with my computer (don't want it freezing up/lagging on apps), cost, and ability to last i.e. either upgrading components as technology gets better down the road or being able to perform as new technology progresses (don't want this new laptop to be obsolete in a few years.)

So should I even upgrade to a new computer? Does my current 4 year old inspiron with intel core duo and 1gb of ram (upgradeable to 2gb) offer enough to do what I want without shelling out $500-1000. Or would it be more prudent to upgrade to a new pc and if so what should I be looking at in terms of a processor and RAM?

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  1. itunes is somewhat of a system hog. What makes itunes run faster is a faster harddrive for the most part.

    If that's all you do, then I would just download MyDefrag and optimize the harddrive and maintain it once every month or 2 with a defrag from mydefrag. Then run CCleaner before each defrag, which repairs registery and removes cookies and alot of other junk you never get to see that slows things down.

    Keep the PC healthy, and maybe upgrade harddrive if you find itunes occasionally pausing or taking too long to start playing.
  2. As you might know already, there is not much upgrade avenue when it comes for a laptop.. Adding another couple of gigs to your RAM count will surely help.. And so would a faster hard disk though am not sure how much it'd hit the battery backup..
  3. If I were you, I would increase the amount of memory. You should have installed 2Gb of memory at least.
    In my opinion, It's no necessary that you change the CPU.
  4. +1 to everyone. You don't need a new laptop or a processor upgrade if itunes-torrents-web is all you do. As already mentioned, just do regular maintainence work & you should be fine. At most, a RAM upgrade will be sensible.
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