Nvidia geforce gts 450 sli

Hey guys im just wondering if anybody knows the safe overclocking speeds for 2 Nvidia geforce gts 450 cards connected via SLI.
I am using msi afterburner to overclock but i experienced slight screen tearing and black ops 2 freezing (multiplayer) so i reset the settings. i would list my psu wattage but the sticker was removed upon installation (aparently) but i am using an intel 17 2600 and my motherboard is an intel dp67bg.

Cheers guys
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    I wouldn't recommend overclocking if you don't know what PSU you have, could you not contact the person who built the PC (if it wasn't yourself) and ask what PSU was used, I would imagine they would keep a record of this.
  2. good call dude ill call tomorrow and check back with yas
  3. hey guys i think its fairly safe to say my psu is a VANTEC ion2+ 600 w. stickers on the other side ive been told
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