$600 gaming pc

[edited thanks for the reminder KageRyu :D]
I was wondering if you guys can help me with my first build.

I'll be purchasing the unit on the end of april and my budget for the rig would be $600 maybe less if the
lcd monitor is included as well.

I'm going to use this for gaming... (mass effect 2, crysis, far cry 2, and the list goes on... )

i already have an atx casing, a 500w psu a keyboard and mouse, a 40gb and 120gb IDE hdd though would be
willing to buy a sata hdd if there is a little more left.

i really don't have any preferred website for the parts, though what i'm sure is that i'd be going amd-ati for my proci and gpu

i'd like to try some overclocking but i wouldn't mind if the board cannot handle crossfire

i'm planning on buying an lcd monitor in place of my crt monitor as well... :p

and there would be no airconditioning whatsoever in my place...

so far base on what i read a phenom II x2 555 be would suffice for my processing needs (,2570-3.html)

and a sapphire hd5770 vapor-x would guarantee that i'd be able to play those titles :D

here is basically what i'm planning so far:

proc: phenom II x2 555 be($101)

mobo: any good mobo that'd allow me some OCing

ram: any 2x2gb ddr3 kit

gpu: sapphire hd5770 vapor-x ($175)

so far that's $276 and that would give me $324 for my mobo, ram and hopefully an lcd monitor *sigh* I really hope this build can push through... :(

thanks for the help in advance! :D
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  1. Read this first, then we can easily help you (b^_^)b
  2. thanks for the reminder bro. :D
  3. What's your PSU brand? This is the best I can do...

    The rana 435 will beat the Phenom II 555 easy pzy.

  4. my psu's not that flashy its a powerlogic 500w.

    this is a better build compared to mine. :D though i'd stick with my gpu.

    as of the moment this is the best setup. will update you as soon as i got the rig. thanks again sir! :D
  5. Oh oh am thinking you from Asia - if your PSU has the words Powerlogic, PERX or VIOS it's time to upgrade the PSU lol
  6. indeed... i'd be upgrading my psu after i liquidate more funds... :p but for now i think that would do... :D
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    - Get a cheaper HD 5770, there's no big difference. All of them are cool&quiet&stuff.

    - Get only 2G of RAM for now and a decent monitor. You can expand later your RAM, the monitor, not so much.
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