I am planning to get a new external HDD and want to have some knowledge about it. I read on sites and compared for a best HDD
just want to know little that
what's the difference between 3.5"and 2.5 " External HDD performances as 3.5" is cheaper(other than portability)
HDD requires external power are good or not?
what should I check before buying a HDD

As I have sata dock station in my cabinet, so is it good to use internal HDD over External HDD?
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    3.5 and 2.5 are the physical sizes of the disks. 3.5 inch is used in desktops (bigger) while 2.5 is used in laptops (smaller) I would suggest 2.5 external because they require just a usb cable to power on, i have a 3.5 external and i need to have additional power running to it (not portable)
    heres some 2.5 external hard drives listed, usually look for good reviews. some products are new and they dont have any reviews yet. newegg has a good return policy if the hard drive fails. remember not to move your external hard drive when reading / writing stuff to it
  2. thanks

    I also face power fluctuation at home sometime
    so I think direct supply to HDD can harm it, I also thanks to you for providing link
    but newegg won't ship it in my country or it will become costly after the export

    But I got best knowledge at least from there and I can search that HDD on the basis for that
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