Will there be a problem running Antec NineHundred Fans at full speeds?

I have an Antec NineHundred Case, which has fans that run at 3 speeds...if I put all the fans to run on high all the time, will there be any problem with that....my 700 watt PSU should have no problem handling any extra load....my computer will be on for most of the day every day...
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  1. Shouldn't be a problem with that...

    I've been running every fan I've ever owned at full speed ever since time began. More wind = more dust/dirt. More dust/dirt = needs cleaning more often.

    You can always buy spare fans for real cheap if something ever does happen.
  2. You won't have any problem at all. Don't worry.
  3. unless noise is a problem for you, there is no problem at all. The worst thing that can happen is that the ball bearings wear out a bit faster
  4. I believe the Antec nine hundred case has filters on all the fans so you will need to clean them more often to keep good airflow.
  5. The 900 does not have filters. The 902 does.

    Checking my Antec 900 manual, all four fans on Low pull .47 amp at 12 volts. On High, they pull 1.02 amps.

    I tested mine and found no significant improvement in CPU temps running faster than Low. Good thing too. With all 4 fans set to High, it sounds like a freakin' vacuum clean setting on the desk. And I have three systems in Antec 900 cases.
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