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how do i enable ahci on ga ep35ds3r mobo for ssd install
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  1. Read page 43 of the manual to see how to enable AHCI in your BIOS... http://download.gigabyte.us/FileList/Manual/motherboard_manual_ga-ep35-ds3r(ds3)_e.pdf

    If already installed OS and need to switch to AHCI, complete these steps ( http://support.microsoft.com/kb/922976 ) first than read page 43 of the manual above.
  2. Did you already install the OS? If so changing it after the fact will probably cause a corruption.

    ** Assumes the SSD is connect to the ICH9R **
    SATA RAID/AHCI Mode = {Enabled}
    SATA Port0~3 Native Mode = {Enabled}
    Save & Exit

    Registry -> http://support.microsoft.com/kb/922976

    "To enable hot plug capability for the SATA connectors (SATAII0, SATAII1, SATAII4, SATAII5) controlled by the ICH9 South Bridge, you must install Windows Vista (on ICH9, hot plug is supported in Windows Vista only) and configure the SATA connectors for AHCI mode. The requirements above do not apply to the SATA connectors (GSATAII0, GSATAII1) controlled by the GIGABYTE SATA2 controller. (Refer to Chapter 2, "BIOS Setup," "Integrated Peripherals," for details on enabling AHCI.)"
  3. @tecmo34 in Stereo - I was looking-up reading the manual values.
  4. jaquith said:
    @tecmo34 in Stereo - I was looking-up reading the manual values.

    LOL... :lol: . I got the jump on you on this one, but as always, you provide the greater details :)
  5. ^ Read that SSD Article it's VERY informative; makes you either want to reinstall the OS or leave it alone.
  6. thank you very much guys.
    this was real help
  7. thank you vvmuch guys
  8. If you get oddball behavior then one simple fix is to move the effected drive's ports; e.g. 1->2, 2->3, 3->1 restart -- and if you want then move them all back - this forces Windows to rewrite registry and driver values which 'can' get easily corrupted going IDE->AHCI.

    Good Luck! :)
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