Corsair Force 3 vs SAMSUNG 830 vs Mushkin Enhanced Chronos Deluxe

Sorry for asking something that is probably flame worthy, but I don't know a lot about storage and what to look for. I currently have 2 Samsung HDD's in RAID 0 and I am looking into the idea of a SSD for a performance increase. However I don't know what to look for.

3 SSDs that I have heard good things about and seam to be in a reasonable price range are the Corsair Force Series 3, SAMSUNG 830 Series, and the Mushkin Enhanced Chronos Deluxe SSDs. Would someone be able to recommend one or give me the pros and cons of each one. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Another thing I forgot to ask is capacity benefits... besides the obvious of having more storage, are there advantages of getting say a 240 sdd over a 128? I read somewhere that the higher the capacity, the better the performance.
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  1. Are you talking about the Force GT? Because the regular Force is much slower than the Samsung.
  2. i cant speak for the others but i have a mushkin enhanced chronos (non deluxe) and i love it! ten seconds to boot. my first one was damaged in shipping and the support they offer is top notch i got a question answered in the forum on mushkin site in under an hour and had the new drive advance rma'd to me had it in under a week.also they are out of colorado and i love to support american companies. =)
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    In order I like the sammy 830, mushkin deluxe, and then the corsair. Reason being is the force series 3 uses the cheaper Asynchronous NAND. And really I'm sure its a toss up between the other two, I've heard good things about them both. The sammy is an all in house design, which is nice if you prefer that kind of thing. Making this move though you prob wouldn't be able to tell the difference between the two, they are both going to be lightning fast compared to a hdd. There is a bit of a performance jump going from 128 to 256 but its not as large as going from 60 to 128. I would get either a 128gb or 256gb model. Also look at crucial m4's, very good drives and they have been having crazy deals lately. The 256gb model was just selling for $200 on the egg. At that price I would pick that over everything. Heres a good site you can check out.
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