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hey i got a problem with my ati 3450, when ever i try to raise my gpu and memory MHz it say that it have encountered a error and needs to close leaving me at the same MHz which currently is: GPU=110 MHz Memory= 252 MHz

any way to change without ATI OVERDRIVE?
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  1. Assuming your looking for more speed/power, I suggest just getting a new card. OCing that card won't get you a lot.
  2. You can try this version of ATITools. Not sure that it'll work, though.

    As said, I don't think you'll get much benefit from overclocking that card.
  3. yeah i know it aint a great card but it would do for now until my birthday
    btw i tried that ATI tool but i cant open it! i can install it but when ever i click on it the error message pop up
  4. You can try the version below, but I don't think it supports your card:
  5. tried that also didnt work either. i was just wondering can it be my powersupply that to small?
  6. Doubtful. But, what is your power supply specs? It may be that the card doesn't overclock well (or at all in this case).

    When using Overdrive, do you do the increases in the smallest amount possible? When first overclocking something, it's best to do it in small increments to make sure the part can handle the change.
  7. i do try to change 5Mhz at a time but when ever i click apply it goes back to the old one
  8. EDIT: Read this article about a hotfix and otehr ideas on overclocking that card:

    Honestly, I think those cards may not be meant to overclock. ATI tends to limit that on low end cards. I think it's a situation of its components can't handle the stress over any overclocking.

    This article shows some overclocking done on them, but that doesn't mean every card will do it.

    This person mentions overclocking theirs, but good airflow is needed.

    So, without more information on your system, it's hard to know what the issue is.
  9. its not really overclocking since according to ASUS(which made it) says it could run at 400 MHz
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