Am2 cooler on AM3 board

Hi i have a Asus triton 77, which i am using on MSI k8n neo 4 platinum socket 939 board. I am building a new PC - AMD athlon x4 620 - AM3 socket and MSI 890gxm-g65 board, i want to know if i can use the same Triton 77 on this mother board.
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  1. It's a clip-on cooler, and the clip hasn't changed. Yes, you can use it on most AM3 boards.
  2. should be fine. The bracket for most AMD boards ranging from 939-AM2-AM2+-AM3 are all the same. should work just fine.
  3. well, as long as it can handle the increased temps. what are the cpus in question?
  4. i will be using AMD Athlon II x4 620
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