ASRock Mobo Northbridge Hot?

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I just have a quick question. I recently built my new computer, but after letting it idle in BIOS, temperatures started to rise, which is normal of course, but after about an hour or so, I opened the case and felt some of the hardware and components. Everything seemed fine, but the Northbridge was really hot. I could put my hand on it for a second or two, before it started to get hot. Is this normal for a northbridge to get this hot? Escpecially at idle? Should I just try to cool it down a bit, or is it possibly somethin with the board? Thanks for any help and advice!

P.S. I have a ASRock 880G Micro ATX Motherboard

UPDATE: After another diagnostic, I raised my CPU Fan speed level from 4 to 5, which seemed to help slightly. CPU fan is at about 1900 - 2000 RPM. The Northbridge heatsink is still pretty hot, hot enough to produce heat, but I can keep my fingers on it.

At the start, the CPU temp is: 35°C/95°F
M/B temp is: 29°C/85°F

After about an hour, the CPU temp is: 43°C/109°F
M/B temp is: 35°C/95°F

Temperatures are recorded for H/W Monitor in BIOS. System at Idle. My solution is to get a 200mm Cooler Master Computer Case fan, which would be right over the entire MOBO. Do you guys think I can use my system normally the way it is for now, until I get the fan? Is the heatsink suppose to be this hot? Or is this relatively normal?

So my question is this: Is the Northbridge suppose to be this hot? Do I need just to put a fan on it? or is this a problem? Should I replace the board? Thanks for the help guys!
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  1. Hi,

    35C is absolutely fine, I would start to be alittle concerned if it was touching 70C>

    Good case airflow should be enough to effectively cool the northbridge. so just make sure you have some good case fans and it'll be fine.
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