Computer goes to start up page but no further???

Hey guys i have a problem. I recently added a VGA watercooling block to my setup and now when i put it all back together the computer seems to not want to go past the post screen.

It fully posts, and i hear the beep screen turns on and then it shows me the setup screen. Says Press del for setup, and ESC for boot options. And it reads me my process name. I try pressing the ESC and the DEL keys but both of them do nothing. After a few minutes it just turns it self off and then reboots. Same thing happens.

I made sure i can hear the HD spinning. All components seem to be working.

Any ideas on what to do to fix it?

Computer setup.

I7 920
6gb ram
850w psu
640gb HD
EVGA 260gtx

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  1. The last thing the mobo says before restarting is 50, it means initialize usb controller. Anyone know how to fix that?
  2. problem solved lol retarded USB device just had to be unplugged and it worked.
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