External drive disconnects whenever accessing files

Connected via USB through separately bought docking station
Used to work, but now disconnects whenever trying to access any file including loading of thumbnails.
Opening empty folders are ok, but if any thumbnails are loaded into folder view, it will disconnect.

HDD also disconnects (With the USB disconnecting sound) when windows automatically tries to scan for files when connecting new USB storage device.
After a few seconds, HDD will connect again (with sound).

After many disconnects and reconnects, the drive remains visible in My Computer even when I pull out the cable. It won't disappear until I do a hard restart. Computer will be stuck at "Shutting Down" unless I do a hard restart.

I had another docking station which I replaced when this begun to happen. 2 HDDs, same symptoms.
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  1. sounds like either a power issue to the drives or you have some software that i trying to take read controll away from windows. antivirus or a virus or some kind. does it do this on any other usb drives or just this one?
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