880GA-UD3H POST Issues

I recently installed a 880GA-UD3H rev2.1 and for life of me can'get it to work. The main issue is I get no video signal coming from either outputs, also I don't if I install a PCIe vid card. ALso, the internal speaker doesn't work or it's not even posting.

I've tried new RAM (different slots) and even installed RAM I know works. I went as far as testing the 24pin connector and 8 pin connector with a power supply tester. They were fine.

Someone said I need to flash the BIOS to F3 because I'm using an AMD Athlon II 245, but how do you flash the bios when nothing is working? I decided to RMA the board, but maybe I missed something.
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  1. F3 is the lowest bios listed for your board here:

    and here:

    It should be able to handle that CPU.
  2. That's what I thought, someone on Newegg chat mentioned about the bios. Highly doubt the board came with the F1 or F2 release since this is revision 2.1. I just RMAed the board.
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