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I got old d915 with 3.06HT processor. I want to know that i have 1GB RAM 533Mhz Bus..so if i place another 1gb 800 bus .. does it match ? i want to upgrade my RAM so plz any solution ? what if i remove 533 1GB ram n place 2GB 800 Moduel ?
plz guide
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  1. Theoretically, the other RAM will work at 533 like the slowest one. What's your motherboard?
  2. its d915GV ... if other ram is 800mhz bus will it work as 533?
  3. D 915 GV is the chipset not the motherboard model. The model should be written on the motherboard.

    Yes, the RAM will work at 533 if there's a 533 one in the motherboard but do you know what kind od RAM? DDR?. Anyway get your RAM from somewhere where you can return it in case it's not working on your mobo. Is this your mobtherboard?
  4. its dell gx280 :s
  5. That one?

    Get a 2GB stick of DDR2/533/667/800 and see if it works with the other one. Get a RAM with 1.8V voltage.
  6. yes sir .. that i have but in old casing ! i bout it in urgent .. i got a fluctaion on main circuit so my PC got burned ! so i hav to complete a project datz y i bout it !
  7. if i install a 800MHZ .. will it works ?? just a single module ? remove this one n add new 2GB 800Mhz
  8. It should work.
  9. no sir .. will it really works ? wat happen if i bought a module n burnt again :s
  10. What PSU do you have?
  11. its normal that came with it ! 350W
  12. The memory sticks don't burn computers, they might not work that's all. Maybe you had a power surge and the PU didn't protect the system.
  13. yeah it was a power surge that burnt my whole PC lastime ! :S now m stuck in this scrap .. its working f9 just need to upgrade RAm !
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