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Hey guy’s my friend dropped off his older Sony vaio for me to format and clean up, the problem is he doesn’t have any of the Sony recovery disks that came with the computer. I reformatted and installed Windows XP and updated it trough SP3. I’m unable to connect to the internet due to a lack of drivers for the nic card, video’s displaying in 16 bit etc. The problem I’m running into is there’s no model number listed anywhere on this computer case or internals, so I have no idea what drivers it needs since they’re constantly releasing new models. If I had to take a guess I would say this computer is probably from 2003-2005 give or take a year. Any help would be greatly appreciated, if I can just get the drivers for the Nic I could take it from there, the NIC is built into the motherboard.. So yea I would appreciate any input you guys could toss my way..
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  1. what is your laptop type and full model number
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