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I have a question for people who use or use case M350.

Can I put a PCI-E in there with mini-ITX motherboard?

Have anyone done some modification to this case?
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  1. Here is the case the OP is referencing . . .

    M350 Universal Mini-ITX enclosure

    Well ... It SAYS "Universal ITX Enclosure" ... uh ... SO ...

    ... I'm just guessing it will fit a Mini-ITX motherboard ...

    ... And I'm just gonna guess that some mini-ITX mobos have at least one PCIe slot.

    ... Please note that PCIe and PCI-E are two entirely different standards and that PCI-E is an older extended PCI card-bus that was for "old-time" servers and workstations ...

    PCIe is the CURReNT STANDARD bus for desktop GPU and expansion.

    = Alvin =
  2. After further review of manufacturer's photographs of the rear panel, of the M350, I have concluded that there are no stock provisions/penetrations for ANY PCIe slots/brackets in this case ... only ports ... I cannot say what case mods are possible but the case is made out of plastic.

    This case looks as if it is made for ATOM based boards ... why don't you just read everything the manufacturer has published and make your own decision?

    = Alvin =
  3. alright. thanks.

    well, I was thinking, maybe I can cut away that part for power and antenna (on very right), and try to put the pci-e there.

    Or do you think it is too short for low-profile pci-e card?
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    I think you should just choose a case that works for your intended config.

    Try newegg's "power search" ... let's you pick desired features ...

    Here are 39 black Mini-ITX cases (since you like black) ... Look at ALL the pictures to see if PCIe slots/brackets exist.

    =Al =
  5. Best answer selected by kdar.

    i PCI-E card with a D945GSEJT is definitely possible, and possible many other combinations.!!
  7. I've done a build with the M350 and modding the case to add a pcie card would be possible, but not reasonable. I actually modded the case to fit a larger heatsink on my cpu actually and it worked out alright. I used a fan bezel with a filter on top to cover the fan that was jutting out through the top of the case. If you are going to cut the top of the case to fit around the pcie card, you will probably want to think of a way to cover around the card afterword unless your okay with it sitting out like it was a workbench pc. In my opinion, using an APU setup like an A8, or A6 is best for this case. My latest is an M350 paired with a picopsu 160 and an a8. The riser card idea is amazing but i have serious doubts that it has enough airflow for proper cooling. Hope this helps.
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