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my computer quit turning on. Thinking it was the power supply I switched the mobo into a box i had with a nice new ps. It fired right up. And if I restart it it will do that. The problem is that it will not start up after being off for awhile. So I open the side and just brush the edge of the mobo by where the power switch etc. jumpers are, and it comes on. This happens every time. Also the CMOS acts like the battery is dead as I have to reset the time and date after this event. Alls good if I leave it running but....Do you have any idea what this is? A dead CMOS shouldnt prevent the unit from powering up should it?
Edit replaced CMOS go same issue
bummer is I gotta wait overnight each time to know if its fixed...AAAAAAAAAAAAAA :pt1cable:
well I need to mention that I replaced thermal paste and used radio shack silicon based compound but this was already happnin
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