Intel 520 vs Samsung 830

Hi, I am looking for opinions on which you think is better. They are both coming in around the same price and seem to have similar performance based on reviews. If they are essentially the same I would say the Intel wins over with the extra warrenty. Is there anything I might be missing such as the differences in the firmware and controllers making any difference?

Also what size SSD would you recommend 120/128GB or 240/256GB? It would be for Windows 7, a couple of games, dreamweaver and photoshop ect. My head tells me the 120GB would be fine but I want the drive to last and not sure if I should put the extra cash upfront to ensure the drive is big enough for future needs!

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  1. Both ssd's are good choices. I normally recommend Samsung but I am inclined to say purchase the least expensive of the two.

    If you are in the USA you just missed a couple of incredible Samsung sale prices. If you can wait a bit and check every day you might be able to get a Samsung ssd at a bargain price.

    128GB is considered to be the sweet spot. I have a Samsung 256GB ssd and to be honest it is a lot more than I actually need for the operating system, software applications, and utilities that I use. I use a hard disk drive to store data.
  2. I'm with Johnny - I have used both and have had the same experience with both drives: great performance, great reliability.

    I installed a Crucial M4 in a graphics design pc at the office but that was mostly linked to pricing - they had a crazy deal when I picked them up and they've been great in terms of reliability for usage with CS5.5. The user has a 128GB Crucial M4 SSD for the OS and a 256GB Crucial M4 SSD for her project/scratch disk. It's killer and has been running zippy for her coming from using a single Seagate Hybrid drive.
  3. Thanks for the replies. Based off what you have said I think I will go for the Intel. The price difference is only £5 which isn't worth talking about but the Intel has an extra 2 years warrenty on it, so figure it has the edge.
  4. It is hard to beat the 5 year warranty on the Intel® SSD 520 when the price is close to that of the other drives.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
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