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Hello, I was wondering if anybody could answer some of my questions --

A couple of days ago I had my Samsung Spinpoint F3 HD103SJ die on me after about 1 and a half years of use as a storage drive (disappointing). I was able to back up all my info to an external drive, so I haven't lost any data.

Link to F3:

Now I am looking to buy 2 identical 1TB HDD's and set up a Raid 1 array. They will still be used primarily as storage, but I will be installing some secondary programs and using the drive for video editing as well (there isn't enough room on my SSD boot drive to store my productivity programs and large HD video files to edit at the same time).

After a few days of constant research I arrived at the same conclusion I did when I bought the F3 a year ago, that it provides the best speed and performance for the price over the competition. I would probably just go ahead and buy the F3 again but since Samsung's HDD division got bought out by Seagate, I have been concerned that the production facility, or worse, the components used are now all Seagate. I personally have had zero experience with any Seagate drives, but from my research I see that most people tend to prefer other brands than Seagate (and something about a horrible driver problem a couple years back leaves me un-trusting of them). Everywhere I look I can't get a straight answer if the remaining F3 drives are still just overstock from when Samsung made them, or if they are now manufactured by Seagate.

As well, has anybody else had problems with Samsung drives in the past? I was happy with mine until it started to get slower and slower (a few people report this happening too in user reviews) until it reached the point where it died.

My other choice is to get 2 Western Digital Caviar Blacks (WD1001FALS)


These almost have the same performance that the F3 does, but they are quite a bit more expensive. I have also never had any personal experience using WD drives, but it seems like more people seem to trust them than Seagate.

I understand that reliability for all HDD's is essentially a coin toss, but I want to be able to semi-rely on my investment.

So to re-cap:
1. Are the current F3's being sold overstock from Samsung? Or are they now manufactured by Seagate. Are they reliable still?
2. Should I get the F3, or the WD Blacks? Which would you personally recommend (either from experience or some other means)?
3. Should I be looking at other drives? Is there a better 1TB drive than the F3 for around the same price?

Any help would be appreciated, buying computer hardware is a very important deal for me, especially when that hardware stores my important data on it, making an HDD selection is always so difficult for me to make :kaola:

Thankyou :wahoo: :wahoo: :wahoo:
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  1. 1st - what an terrible time for your HDD to die, considering the current market conditions

    2nd- I have most success with Western Digital
  2. mobrocket said:
    1st - what an terrible time for your HDD to die, considering the current market conditions

    2nd- I have most success with Western Digital

    Ya I know, prices are so high due to that flooding, but I needs my storage or else I can't do work on my computer :P

    And I have seen a lot of people say that they have had the best success with WD.... hmmm....
  3. 1 The Samsung F3 is one of the more reliable drives and most likely overstock, current production 6GB
    2-3 Pass! I have good experience with both Seagate and WD as well (since I select on price from respectable companies)
  4. Interesting note, I just pulled out my dead F3, and looked at the label on it, it states that it's a product of Korea, whereas in the Newegg screenshot for the F3, it states that it's a product of China..... now I'm REALLY skeptical that these are still Samsung made drives.... unless Samsung changed production facilities in be-tween the time I bought the HDD and they were bought out... which seems un-likely to me...... :/
  5. I recommend Western Digital RE4 1TB hard drives. They are enterprise class hard drives meant for 24/7 usage and are rated at 1.2 million hours mean time between failure. At $122 each they are actually less expensive than the RE2 hard drives I purchased 2 or 3 years ago.
  6. I've been seeing that some people are claiming that WD Caviar black devices have issues when trying to be put into a Raid array? On their website they claim that the Blacks are meant for consumer Raid scenarios (Raid 0 & Raid 1), but some people are saying that it doesn't work at all. What's that all about?

    Also I have noticed that enterprise drives tend to be a bit slower than their consumer desktop counterparts, I need the drive to have enough speed to edit large, compressed HD video (speed is more important than the number of I/Os it can pass), so would that present problems? Why should I buy an enterprise drive over a normal one?

    I'm leaning more towards WD just because I can't get a straight answer anywhere for the Samsung/Seagate thing, and a lot of people seem to have had their drive die in a almost identical fashion to mine, which makes me believe it may be a larger problem across that specific drive. But now I'm worried about this apparent raid problem on WD HDDs...

    Ahhhh I can't make a decsion :fou: :fou:
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