7300 LE to 9600 GT... on 300W?

Hello, all. I am searching for the ideal video card replacement that hopefully won't force me to update my PSU as well. I have a gateway 3442m PC with 7300 LE Nvidia GPU. I have been checking out several options ranging from nvidia's 220, 9600 gt, 9500 and ati's 4650, but I would like to make sure I won't get an off pc when I switch cards.

I am not a gamer and by no means am I looking for a gaming system (I own a Ps3), but I do model in 3D (solidworks, 3dsmax) and am testing adobe's cs4 (highly intense in graphics), so any suggestion and idea will be very welcome.

I am an Nvidia fan, but I am about to switch to ATI. ATIs are about 30% cheaper than Nvidias, and I just read that the 4650 even outputs DTS MA and Dolby HD thru HDMI. I do not care for that either (I have a fairly decent home theater setup), but Nvidias don't and that's impressive.
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    I'd get an HD5670. Absolute best low-power graphics card at the moment.
  2. yeah its hard to beat the 5670. i feel it could be cheaper than what it is, but there is no real competition. the 9600gt is still a nice card if you can pick one up cheap second hand maybe.
  3. hmmm... interesting. and this low-power thing means it will run on my 300W psu, right?
  4. it should run ok, but nobody can guarantee this.

    you might be able to get a better card, i dont really know anything about 3d art stuff but for gaming and power consumption the 5670 is the best at that price point.
  5. I found a Radeon 5670:

    -Chipset: Radeon HD 5670 (Redwood)
    -Memory: 512MB, DDR5
    -Memoria Bus: 128-bit

    is there a 1GB model?
  6. Yes there is. However, the card really isn't that much of an improvement; though I do not know how much video-memory is required for 3d devlpment.

    this one seems nice and its cheap, 89 with free shipping if you live in US :)
  8. Thanx, Shadow 187. I was just wondering about that, because of the princing. I wouldn't know how demanding 3D software is, actually, but I can tell you that Photoshop CS4 is demanding quite much from my current card.

    Solidworks benefited from Nvidia Quadros with its Real View graphics (real time shading and some glow effects) but it's only eye-candy as far as I know, it's not that useful when you are modeling. I actually emulated a Quadro chip with my 7300 LE +Rivatuner (that's why I have kept it).

    Derbixrace, thanx! Let me check if newegg ships to Mexico and I might get that one.
  9. Ahh...newegg only ships to U.S. I believe..
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