New HTPC build. Need help hand selecting parts

Hey guys I have checked out articles here on Tom's before and never had a reason to post, every question I ever had was usually answered here. So I finally need some more help of my own. I want to build a brand new htpc to replace and upgrade my old one.
I need to take most of my hdds from my old system (3x2tb hitachi) (3x1.5tb seagate) but beyond that I don't really think I want to bring anything else over into the new build.
This is what I want to build. A machine running win7 (already purchased) and based on a AMD 965. Basically this computer is gonna sit in my living room and be my main computer. I am well aware of how loud its gonna be, helicopter? I need it to do a bunch of stuff in the background. It needs to hopefully be able to stream or playback and share files between other computers on the network. While encoding and; or record tv while watching. I also use; mcebuddy, remote potato, orb and maybe vuze. The other issue I am looking at is wanting to install a ssd. I run media browser and have around 6tbs of video. I am wondering what to expect if I were to try to store meta data locally on an ssd. What size I might want to start looking at. I don't need a dvd drive for this rig. I have kinda decided to go with happauge 2250 for tuning needs.
I don't really have a budget for this. I just want to get it right. I have really been struggling on trying to find the right combo of parts for this machine. I want something that just flys. I would also hope to maybe o/c just a bit as well. Looking for the right, cpu/mobo, graphics, memory,psu, ssd and anything else I forgot. Hope this post isn't to roob-ish!
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  1. I need a great case to put this all into. Forgot about that!
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