Is there a free microsoft word for windows xp

I have windows xp. Because of my childrens school work, I need a version of Microsoft Word on my computer. I can't seem to find one that is free and I can't afford to pay $159 for it. Does any one have any suggestion?
Thank You,
The Frantic Mom
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  1. There is no free version of Microsoft Word - not for downloading legally anyway, but there are a few free alternatives, some of which can read Microsoft Word documents.
    Have a look at these (most of the links are still working as of today):
  2. I use Libre Office. It is just like Open Office but Open Office is no longer updated.
  3. kilo71 said:
    Open Office is no longer updated.

    Libreoffice is good but although, as you say, OO isn't updated by Apache since they it over, if you install is and expect it to open a 2010 Word docx, it fails. Then if you install the Microsoft File Format converter - free from the M$ site - and install that, the 2010 docx will then work.
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