My GTX 670 wont go back to defaults.

Hello, I have a problem after overclocking my EVGA GTX 670, As you can see from the title that's my problem it wont go back to defaults it is stuck at the overclocked setting i even went into bios and reset everything.

Here are my specs
i5 2500k
64 gb sandisk SSD
1 TB WD Black drive
1 TB WD Green drive
500 GB WD Blue drive
8 gb DDR3 Ram 1600 but 1333 because of CPU
DVD Drive
Windows 7 Home Premium X64
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  1. How did you overclock your GPU?

    EVGA precision will allow you to edit your clock speeds so long as the program is running.
  2. I used EVGA precision but when i downloaded GPU-Z It shows my overclocked clocks and its reaching 70 C...thats kind of bad im tired of having to deal with the loud fan noise i dont know why its doing that but im getting angry. here is what it says in gpu-z

    Date , GPU Core Clock [MHz] , GPU Memory Clock [MHz] , GPU Temperature [°C] , Fan Speed (%) [%] , Fan Speed (RPM) [RPM] , Memory Used [MB] , GPU Load [%] , Memory Controller Load [%] , Video Engine Load [%] , Power Consumption [% TDP] , VDDC [V] ,

    2013-02-22 21:04:26 , 1123.5 , 1502.3 , 72.0 , 45 , 1710 , 518 , 96 , 8 , 0 , 91.9 , 1.1750 ,
  3. have you tried un installing evga? may need want to go into safe mode to perform this.

    in this guide there is some stuff about setting the fan curve. i found this helpful, for the heat to noise ratio.
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