Intel 82081g ich7 usb drivers missing

i just re-installed windows xp but after installing drivers my usb ports drivers are missing

usb ports are

intel 82081g ich7 USB 27c8
intel 82081g ich7 USB 27c9
intel 82081g ich7 USB 27cA
intel 82081g ich7 USB 27cB
intel 82081g ich7 USB2 27cc
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  1. You need to find the chipset drivers for your motherboard. If its a prebuilt machine like Dell or Gateway they will have the drivers on their website. If you built the computer yourself then you need to get the drivers from the motherboard manufacturer. You can find out exactly what motherboard you have by using CPU-Z from
  2. tanks buddy.

    problem solved i just uninstalled them and then restart then scan for hardware then it was automatically installed

    but ur reply worked on my laptop :P

    thanks a lot
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