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3GB of DDR3 ram on Windows 7 64BIT? 1+2gb...

I KNOW this has been asked trillions of time since the release of the first 64BIT OS. But my situation is a little different. Well im a gamer and i need the best operating system for this:

AMD Phenom II X3 740 Black edition OC
ECS Black Series A785GM-M AM3 DDR3 micro-atx motherboard
EVGA GTX 460 768MB DDR5 overclocked
Cooler Master NV690 ( CM 690 nvidia case) full ATX
Cooler Master Hyper 101A AM3 cpu cooler
Kingston HyperX 1GB DDR3 1800MHZ ram
Ebay 2GB DDR3 1333mhz ram
Samsung 80GB sata hard drive (for OS)
Western Digital Blue Caviar 320GB WD3200SD sata hard drive
Okia 550ATX 550 Power supply

Ok so i searched around and most people either ask this when they have 4GB+ or 2GB of ram (and its usualy DDR2 but i know that doesnt really make a difference). The only people that had 3GB of ram either had it in dual channel or triple channel. My situation is unique though. Since my ram sticks are different in every aspect, they will NOT run dual channel.

Here are my main questionS:
1. A- Will i see a performance boost in games with 64BIT and 3GB? B- How about normal use?
2. How much ram would be usable with 3GB on 64BIT?
3. Is it worth it?
4. Compared to 2GB on 64BIT, would it go faster doing anything?

Thanks =)

PS the 2gb stick of ram has NOT arrived yet :D
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    3 gb helps some with either 32 bit or 64 bit windows; it's the limit for 32 bit, but I used 4 gb anyway, since it won't hurt anything. I use 6 gb now; 2 are matched 1 gb 1066 and the other 2 are 2 gb of 1600; all run at the slower speed of 1066 when mixed, and I still notice the difference. I also recommend you disable all windows updates immediately after installing 64 bit windows. I noticed my system response was snappier. I still use a virus protection program (microsoft security essentials, which is still free). In my case I saved some space for my small 32 gb ssd; I only have about 10 gb of space left with all my programs installed.
  2. I've run XPx86, XPx64, W7x32, and W7x64 on the same system to measure the benchmarks using all 4 OSes on the exact same hardware (the DFI-LP-X48-T3RS with 4 GB RAM). I found that both of the x64-based OSes are slightly slower in the benchmarks than the 32-bit versions. I could not actually see the differences, but further research on google showed that Windows x64 versions use Windows On Windows (WOW) to run 32-bit apps, which adds a processing layer (and time) to run. I've settled on running XPx86 and W7x64 on that machine. I use XP to do general work and play older games (DX9), while I use the W7x64 for gaming - it has DX11.
  3. 1. ECS motherboards are just junk - why? get gigabyte or asus
    2. 1gb of 1800mhz memory + 2gb of 1333mhz memory = 3gb single channel @ 1333mhz
    3. 64-bit os is todays STANDARD, if you have 2gb of memory it may be slower yes, if you have 8gb and a DECENT rig its quicker

    Do your self a favor and get 2x2gb matched memory (atleast) and Windows 7 64-bit
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