OC i7 960 with horrible bios (workaround)

EDIT((a lot has changed since my OP, so I've deleted some stuff))EDIT

So the bios on this AMI mobo is all locked, can't even change the multiplier for the cpu (neither lower or higher). Not interested in a modified/cracked bios, really.

I've been using the older msi "overclocking center", stable at 3.5ghz. Even here I can't edit the cpu ratio (multiplier), it's defaulting to 25, so fine tuning is pretty much impossible. Ram is getting too much juice, it maxes out around 1800 (rated for 1600). After that lockups. So put's my ceiling much lower than the expected 4.0ghz I was shooting for.

I thought the i7 960 was only locked at x24 ratio, but could be set lower. However I can't edit the multiplier anywhere. Suggestions?
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  1. Ahh, sorry you hate me. Im actually a pretty great guy.

    Actually all my cables are jammed into a samsung galaxy, and a hampster wheel. ;)

    Intel-i7 960 3.2ghz, 8m, (running stable at 3.6)
    Msi-x58 pro socket 1366, latest bios
    12gb 1600 ram, 999-24 (running 1800)
    Win 7 x64 home premium, latest updates
    Ati 6970 2gb, latest drivers
    H80 cooler on cpu(very stable temps).

    Going back to problem, I cant change the multiplier, even with software. Ive looked around but nearly everything Ive read says you can lower the 960 multilpier, which I need to keep ram stable, or at a good ratio.

    Are there "hidden" options on ami 2.5 bios? I'm starting to think its pure mobo limitation.
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