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I plan to build HTPC, I made a post about it few days ago.

Initially I was thinking to put inside a large 1TB or 2TB 3.5" HardDrive (inside of my HTPC)... but now I am kind of not sure.

Should I get a small, 2.5" harddrive for Linux and XBMC? (for HTPC)

And then build a server for storing all movies, music..etc (have it in garage somewhere).

But I never built a server before and not sure how it will work. Will I able to stream from that server HD movies to my HTPC?

If I will have a server, my HTPC doesn't really needs a lot of space, right? Just enough for OS files, XBMC and other applications, if any.
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  1. Yes, you can configure your setup to stream content from your server to your HTPC. But realize that this'll cost a decent chunk of change more (unless you have an old PC laying around) and the only reason you'd want do this is if you want to access your media from multiple PCs.
  2. I was planning to do this in future anyways.
    What do you think this can cost me?

    It doesn't really needs to be fast? just large space capacity?

    I guess it could be nice to access that server from my desktop too, in case I will want to watch something on my desktop.
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    Instead of a full blown server, have you considered a simple NAS setup?

    Connect one of these to your router:

    Park all of your media on it and you'll have access from anywhere.
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