Case's suggestions (~$100)

Need some suggestions for a case.

My build:
i5 750
Asus P5P55D PRO
5770 Vapor-x

I'm looking for a cool, quiet and practical case.

I was thinking about getting CM 690 (Version I. Because it's the only one that I can find in my country) or maybe a HAF 922 (I read that there are too much holes making it a louder case than CM 690 and also gather more dust If the case is put near the floor)

But, please recommend any brand/model.
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  1. yeah i must say i dont seee the obsession with blue led fans and stuff. imo green cases look better, and they just seem more original
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    Would you be open to spending more for a really nice case? Like maybe around $60 more? The benefits of a nice case is that you can almost indefinitely reuse them. My current case I've had for the last 3 motherboards. Right now I'm going to upgrade to the Lian Li PC-B25F

    It's definitely an expensive case, but it's super quiet and has good everything in pretty much every direction. One thing you may want to consider is making it future proof, so you want it big on the inside. Not like fatty, but rather long so you can shove in those unsavory extended video cards.

    But if I had to pick a big case that's very cool is AZZA Solano 1000
    The only con is that it's bright because of the LEDs. I'm not sure where you're located, but it's $80 from NewEgg. The con is that it's a bit noisy compared to other cases, but it keeps incredibly cool temperatures.

    My next suggestion would be the NZXT Vulcan
    It's small on the inside so you can't shove in all that many harddrives, but it will fit big video cards. It's a pretty exact size from when I was observing it. Like everything will fit exactly. This case is pretty cheap too. Only around $70.

    Though in the end, it all depends on availability. If the CM 690 is available, it's not that bad. It's attractive and it fits. It supports a good amount of drives, cooling looks decent, and it's green. They say geniuses pick green.
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