Sapphire HD 4850 or XFX Radeon 5750 ???

Hi guys ! i'm trying to buy a new Graphics card ,,, so i dont know what to chose ! Sapphire 4850 or 5750 . What do u suggest and y ??
n also c this !! i could really use ur suggestions ,, tnx
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  1. The 5750 is definatley better. they perform similarly, but the 5750 uses much less power, has dx11, eyefinity if you need it. The flip side is that i costs more money ($150) while the 4850 performs the same in games today but costs $100. If money isn't too much of an issue I'd buy the 5770 tbh. It's only $20 more than a 5750 and performs much better especially if you are going to keep your graphic card. And in your picture that is the gpu and memory clocks (speed) of the ATi graphic card being used. The are "under clocked" (slower speeds then what they are supposed to be) probably because they are idle and they don't need the extra energy, but when they game or do something taxing they'll increase to normal speeds.
  2. I'd take HD 4850 among those two just because of lower price and comparable performance.
    Nothing beats a 4850 at its price point.

    HD 4850 for $95

    Otherwise, take a HD 5770 which costs a little more than a 5750 and gives significantlybetter performance
  3. very nice suggestions ,, tnxx
    Actually i already have a Sapphire 4850 n i wanted to exchange it with XFX 5750
    n the Both take 7.3 in win7
    i dont know if i do it or not !! pls help
    tnx for ur nice suggestions ! i could really use theme !
  4. 4850 to 5750 isn't a worthy upgrade.You'll be wasting money.
    At least get a HD 5830 is you want good improvement.

    BTW what are your system specs and monitor's native resolution.
    For resolution like 1980X1020 or above, HD 5830 or better will really shine!!
  5. If you have a crossfire board, then adding another 4850 would certainly be a bigger upgrade ^_^. Otherwise, get a 5770 with a better than stock cooler, like the MSI HAWK and overclock it or step up to a 5830 or 5850.
  6. I'ld suggest you sell the 4850 and use the money you'ld have spend on the upgrade to buy the 5770 since it is only about $10 more than the 5750, and far much better than both the 4850 and the 5750!! :)
  7. tnx guys !
    but we r taking about 4850 n 5750
    pls don't pull 5770 here
    i want to exchange my 4850 with someone else
    n i am thinking to pay him 10$ for exchange . i wanted to know which one of these cards r better and have a greater performance .
    tnx again.
  8. 10$ for exchange will be a profitable deal for you :)

    I'd say go for it.
  9. Best answer
    5750 mos def. :D
  10. tnx for suggestions .
    im going to take the 5750
    ur guys really helped me
    tnx a lot !!!
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  12. Thank you :D
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