When i try to go into boot xp f2 f12 screen comes up and says keyboard failure n

when i try to get in boot menu in xp hitting f2 or f12 screen comes up and says keyboard failure need help
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  1. Are F2 and F12 valid boot options for your computer? If not, you'll get this error or a keyboard stuck error. Normally during post you should see something like F2 - Setup or F12 - Boot Option. Some computers use the DEL key or some other key.
  2. yes they are valid during post f2 & f12 come up but clicking on either one next screen comes up and says keyboard failure...formated hard drive a few days ago
    installed every thing from disk worked ok next morning turns on but will not boot up
    tried DEL key still does not work
  3. Have you tried a different keyboard? Also, make sure no keys are stuck.
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