Bios Vcore doesnt agree with CPU-Z and HW Monitor

I recently decided to try and get more power out of my E6600. I've had it running at 3.0ghz for two years now, and I am wanted to push it harder. My motherboard is an Asus P5N32E-SLI Plus and I have 8gb of generic cruical ram. I can get the specs if necessary.

Anyways, to achieve my 3.0ghz overclock, I had to push the Vcore to 1.45v!!! This seemed insanely high to me.

The rest of the specs are:

FSB: 1333
Memory Voltage: Auto
1.2V HT Voltage 1.4
NB Core: 1.4
SB Core: 1.5
CPU VTT: 1.55

Today decided to push it up. To get to 3.3ghz, I had to set my Vcore set in the bios to 1.51 something volts. This seems stupidly high for what I am trying to achieve. Anything less and it either bsods/no boot/fails orthos quickly. I downloaded CPU-Z and HW Monitor and to my surprise, they both read around 1.392 volts.

Is it possible that my bio's settings arent accurate? How accurate are CPU-Z and HWM? I am wondering if my overclocking issues are related to me not giving them enough voltage(obvious, but if these two programs are accurate, I've been giving it less than I thought).

I am at 25 minutes of orthos, 3.3ghz at 1.51v(bios setting) and I am fluctuating around 48-50C on the processor. I have a 120mm cpu cooler.
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  1. Orthos failed at 39 minutes. Not bad considering 10 minutes go it couldnt last for more than ten seconds.

    I donwloaded speed fan and it reads 1.41 volts.

    What does this mean? Is my bios really 1v off?

    EDIT: I forgot that within my bios, that I have a voltage monitor. The voltage monitor measured the core at 1.47 volts. This seems like the most reasonable number thus far.

    What are yalls thoughts? I know its a bunch of random stuff Im throwing out their, but I am generally confused now as to which number to trust.
  2. I did a little digging (as im not familiar with you cpu) and the general consensus seemed to be 1.55 volts as a high.

    if the stress test is failing, your overclock is not stable.

    I would trust the bios!
  3. Thanks for the reply brah.

    That wasn't really my question though. Im curious as to why all these different monitors dont reflect the settings in my bios. Anyways, I may have got it stable now.

    I have it at 3.3ghz and orthos is still going at 2.5 hours. In my bio's I set my vcore to 1.54-1.55. In my bios, its hardware monitor is reading 1.49-1.5 volts. CPU-Z and Hardware Monitor read it as 1.408 volts.

    Im thinking that the bios' voltage monitor is the most correct because that voltage seems to be around what I would need for 3.3ghz.
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