Clueless on RAM upgrades for an older motherboard - help please.

What ram do I buy for a EVGA NFORCE-4 SLI motherboard? I currently have only 1 GB of corsair PC3200 PC400 DDR ram (2 sticks of 512 mb) and want to upgrade to 4 GB (max of the board). I don't know much about ram, but want a performance without paying premium prices. Any suggestions? I currently have an EVGA NForce4 SLI motherboard with an AMD ATHLON 64 3500+CPU on Win XP.
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  1. Your motherboard specifies DDR. Therefore, you should buy DDR RAM.

    2x2GB DDR-400 or DDR-533 should do the trick. DO NOT accept DDR2 or DDR3, or older SDR RAM, since they are not compatible with your motherboard.
  2. xp = ~3gb limit, and performance after ~1.5gb doesnt really increase without a 64-bit os and even then your limited to the single core performance - i cant see the point in upgrading the ram on such a low end rig?

    save your $$$ for a new one
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