Installing Raid Drivers help for IBM xSeries Server

I need help installing the Raid Drivers for an IBM xSeries 346 server. I'm very new to servers, but I got it so I could learn. No matter what OS I boot up onto the RAM of the server, it cannot detect the hard drives. After researching, I'm suppose to install the RAID Drives onto the BIOS.

I have NO idea how to do this. Do I place it onto a cd and it will automatically install it? I've burned the ISO of the the IBM Installation CD onto a disc, but it can't detect my mouse, so I can't navigate what to do. I tried with just the keyboard, but I'm unable to select next after a bit.

So here's my questions I need serious help with:

-How do I install the raid drivers onto the bios?
-How do I get the mouse to work for the Installation CD? Is there an alternative method?

Thank you :D
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  1. I downloaded the IBM ServeRaid Support CD for the server to see how this helps. I'll keep you all posted, but please feel free to reply :)
  2. It freezes everytime I click anywhere on the GUI of the support program... what do I do?
  3. After you boot, if the drives are detected, you should see a RAID configuration menu shortly after the boot splash screen. To configure RAID, you access the controllers own BIOS through a set of keystrokes as prompted (often Ctrl+A).
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