Newbie here :D OC'ing my 5970

Hi guys! I'm pretty new to this overclocking thing and had question for you guys Hopefully you can answer! So I bought my friends oldish Alienware Aurora (got it for 400$ friend price, only reason i bought it) and here are the specs:

I7 930 OC @ 3.6Ghz
16gb Tri channel 1600mhz Ram
ATI 5970 Dual GPU
160gb SSD
750w Stock PSU (I hear Alienware uses *** PSU's)

So here's my problem,
I bump up the clocks by 25 on the core and memory as well as jack up the voltages to 1.1625V. I run the Haven Benchmark and everything is fine and dandy until i got up too 800/1100. Now the thing is that the benchmark ran VERY smooth never going over 70 degrees @50% fan. As soon as the benchmark finishes the computer just powers off.

I am assuming this is because of the shitty PSU and i am here to get some input from you guys who know more. To just clarify the OC was stable, No artifacts no skips or overheating @ 800/1100 and I'm sure it can go even higher.

If it is the PSU like i think it is could you guys recommend me one? I've heard dell uses terrible PSU's and I'm pretty sure its because of that.

Thanks for your time guys!!!
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  1. BTW, Corsair is a good brand but too expensive 4 me :)
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